Understanding Cabover Medium Duty Trucks

Kurt Harrison | October 26, 2018 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

Medium duty cabover trucks come with several advantages over the conventional design. To shed light on the structure, the cabover trucks have their cabs located just above the engine compartment as opposed to behind the compartment in conventional designs. They are becoming increasingly popular due to the following advantages:


They give the driver better visibility: in conventional medium truck designs, the driver finds it difficult to see the road ahead properly. This is because the cab is situated just behind the engine compartment. In that position, the hood blocks the driver’s view of the road ahead. While this can be quite annoying, it also poses a potential safety problem.

In  acabover design, the position of the cab allows the driver to a clear view of the road ahead, which helps him control the vehicle as required on the highway.

Cabover design leads to easier handling

If you are looking for semi trucks with greater maneuverability, then go formedium duty cabover trucks. Based on their structure, they provide an overall shorter wheelbase. This enables the driver to handle the trucks in various tight spaces including heavy traffic, narrow routes, and shorter parking areas.

With easier handling, it is easier to move the trucks in residential areas, especially if the truck is for urban delivery. As a starting point, explain to your supplier the body design you have in mind so you can get assistance with which truck best meets your needs.

Cabover design leads to greater payload capability

The main idea behind owning a truck is to achieve a bigger payload. Medium duty cabover trucks are flexible and can be used in various applications including dry freight vans, delivery vans, or in refrigerated transport. Unlike heavy trucks that are suitable for bulky goods such as cement or heavy goods, these medium trucks are suitable for light deliveries such as perishable goods and medium weight freight solutions.

Gas versus diesel engine

While the conventional cab design comes with various engine options, cabover designs offer fewer engine options due to limited space. With a conventional cab design, users have the option between a gas or diesel engine. However, modern cabover medium duty trucks come with the latest 4-cylinder diesel engines. The engines are fuel-efficient as well as powerful and ideal form hauling or towing heavy loads.

Driver comfort

Conventional cab designs offer seat variation for driver comfort. This is beneficial especially if they are on the road for long hours. Medium trucks in cabover design do not offer much comfort for the driver. However, they are ideal for short-range applications where the driver does not take long hours on the road. In such circumstances, the driver gives handling more priority than comfort.

If you are looking for semi trucks for sale, it is advisable to identify a reliable dealer with a variety of trucks to choose from, as this gives you alternative options during the selection process.

Medium trucks are essential, especially for small business owners that carry out frequent deliveries in urban and long distance locations. Alternatively, many business owners joining the transport industry own a fleet of medium and heavy-duty trucks to offer delivery services. In Australia, if you want a semi truck for sale, visit http://www.udtrucks.com/en-au/home

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